What to look for in hair care after straightening
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Do not wash your hair immediately after straightening, but start washing it after 2 days, followed by once in about 3 days. To keep the straightening effect lasting, sleep with your hair teased to the back or sides of your head without weighing it down. Try not to wear your hair tied up, it is better to wear your hair natural. Take care to protect your hair from the sun when you go out and use conditioner to repair damaged strands when you wash your hair daily.

How to care for your hair after straightening

1. How many days after straightening can I wash and tie my hair? Generally think straighten 2 days after you can start to wash your hair, but not recommended to tie hair, usually should try to choose shawl hair type, because once tied up, the effect of hair straightening will be affected, so braided hair, high coiled hair these are not recommended.

2. After you start washing your hair, make sure you don't wash your hair too often every day. You can wash your hair once every two days in summer and once every three to four days in autumn and winter. After washing your hair you can apply some conditioner, because straightening will hurt your hair, conditioner can protect your hair to repair the damage done to your hair hand.

3. When sleeping, first tease the hair to the back of the head or the sides, anyway, is to try to avoid letting the hair be pressed by the head, you can also choose to sleep in a side-lying position, of course, everyone has their own habits to protect the hair to avoid being pressed, this depends on the usual methods that we usually use ourselves.

4. every time after straightening hair, must go out as far as possible to use the sun hat or sun, to prevent hair by the sun, ultraviolet damage is not only for the skin, but also for the hair, sun more straightening effect is not good, and the hair will also appear worse dry and other problems.

Can you curl your hair after straightening it?

Yes, you can. You can choose to curl your hair after straightening it, but it is advisable to do it separately, for example, two weeks after straightening, rather than straightening and curling together, which can be very damaging to your hair. But normally straightening hair is suitable for long straight hair and perming is suitable for curly hair, and the two should not really go together.

How long does hair straightening last?

The results are generally okay for about 3 months, and less obvious for 6 months. The exact length of time is affected by factors such as the maintenance of the hair, for example, if you follow the above mentioned method of maintenance after straightening, the effect will last longer, but no matter how you maintain it, straightening is not permanent.

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